I strongly believe in prioritizing a streamlined user experience through elegant, minimalist design, valuing functionality far above visually appealing yet impractical products.

About myself

I proudly consider myself a Full-Stack Designer, proficient in a broad range of design domains including print, visual identity, website and app UI/UX, branding strategy in China, animation, and front-end development. With over 15 years of experience, I specialize in crafting digital assets with a focus on ROI-oriented UI/UX design.

My professional journey includes serving as an Art Director at Media Arts Lab Shanghai, part of Apple’s creative agency, where I contributed to major projects like the 2018 Apple CNY campaign. My previous roles include Animation Specialist and Front-end Designer at Altium’s global marketing department.

Earlier in my career, I led the Game UI department in the gaming industry and managed digital campaigns and media materials in advertising.

Currently, I am an Art Director at a leading French digital agency, focusing on ROI-driven design and tech development. In this role, I oversee UI/UX design, conduct user analysis, and ensure effective client communication for optimal ROI integration.

Graphic Design

Creating visual content such as logos, illustrations, posters, and advertisements Focus on visual communication and use typography, color, and imagery to convey messages effectively.

User Experience Design (UXD)

Creating products and services that are easy to use, enjoyable, and meet the needs of users. It involves understanding users, designing intuitive interfaces, and testing for usability.

Motion Graphics

Creating various contexts such as video production, advertising, user interfaces, and presentations. Designers use software like Adobe After Effects or Cinema 4D to create motion graphics.

Others' appreciation of works

Product Analysis

Product analysis evaluates features, usability, market context, performance, cost, and compliance to gain insights and inform decisions for improvements and strategic direction.

UX & UI Designs

Navigating from user flows to meticulously designed wireframes, interfaces, and prototypes.

Videos & Animations

Brief and captivating videos, enchanting animations crafted with After Effects, and dynamic Lottie animations.

Clients I have worked with

My primary emphasis in client communication is ensuring the seamless integration of their requests within a robust Return on Investment (ROI) framework. Our clientele primarily consists of global entities venturing into China for business or local enterprises expanding their operations overseas.